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  • What certifications do I need to run a practice?

    You need to ensure that your business is FCA Compliant for the following regulated activities: advising and dealing in securities and derivatives, advising on retail investment products and friendly society tax-exempt policies, managing investments.

  • How long does it take to buy a business?

    This time will vary greatly depending on the business. There are various factors to consider; when your offer will be accepted, and how long the due diligence process will take. We advise purchasers on what steps they can take to speed up the process.

  • Should I specialise in a specific niche?

    It can be advantageous to position your business at the top of a niche sector. Usually purchasers choose their specialisation due to their budgets, interests and their own unique requirements for a business. We can offer advice using our experience to assist you in deciding which kind of business is suitable for you.

  • How do I retain the business’ clients?

    It would be worth sending out client letters informing them of the transition of ownership. Try to establish a refreshed relationship with the clients.

  • What regulation must I comply with when purchasing an IFA or Wealth Management practice?

    You must supply the Financial Conduct Authority with a Section 178 notice to notify them of the intended change of ownership.


  • What does the selling process entail for an IFA?

    You will have to present your business in the best possible light so that any potential buyer can easily see what they are buying and who they are buying it from. Client ownership must be completely transparent to identify revenue streams including recurring revenue and new advice fees.

  • How does the consultation process work?

    Once you have registered with us, we will consult with you to fully understand how your Business works. We will only introduce your business to acquirers who meet your selection criteria. We firmly believe that successful deals are only completed when fundamental synergies exist between both parties and we will advise you on your options with each acquirer following the initial and subsequent meetings.

  • How important is confidentiality?

    This is essential in protecting the transaction in the financial services sector, as discretion in this sector is paramount.

  • What will be involved in the due diligence process for my wealth management service?

    The purchaser will need to carry out legal and financial compliance.

  • Do I need to provide a handover?

    Depending on how specialist your wealth management business is, it may be appropriate to provide a handover.

  • Is my IFA or Wealth Management practice large enough to be placed on the market?

    Following our comprehensive market analysis, we have determined that active buyers within the market are looking for practices with an annual turnover of at least £250,000 per annum and at least 2 partners or directors.