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The corporate sector is a vital cornerstone of the UK economy, providing an array of opportunities as varied as they are prosperous. With over 30 years’ experience successfully facilitating the sale of SME and Corporate businesses, Kings Corporate is the foremost business broker for those seeking a bespoke approach that gets the sale over line.

We offer a client focused, confidential and personal service that starts with helping vendors optimise the ‘saleability’ of their business.

From gathering key information and documentation to overseeing due diligence requirements to advising on third party professional expertise, we work alongside clients to get the sale over the line.


With a multitude of exciting opportunities being introduced to the market every week, finding the perfect commercial business can often become an overwhelming experience without the correct guidance.

Utilising our extensive wealth of accumulated knowledge, Kings Corporate can assist in navigating you towards an ideal business opportunity that matches all your acquisition requirements.

Beyond introducing you to a shortlist of potential acquisition targets, our expert team of negotiators will guide you through every stage of the buying process. We are always on hand to offer valuable advice to ensure the smooth and succinct completion of your acquisition, from reviewing your offer to recommending an industry-specialist solicitor.


The decision to sell a corporate business is a pivotal moment in any business owner’s career, and one which should not be taken lightly. Whether you are considering your market exit strategy or looking to execute your retirement plans, you will understandably want to achieve the best possible price within a concise timeframe.

With over 30 years’ experience in delivering highly confidential sales for SME and Corporate businesses across the UK; Kings Corporate represents the ideal opportunity to ensure a smooth transition of ownership by a brokerage with a proven track record of achieving market-leading multiples.

Through our tried and tested methods of creating bespoke marketing campaigns, in addition to conducting extensive market analyse to identify active buyers, we will maximise the return you will receive for your business.

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  • I am interested in a business; how can I see a breakdown of its income?

    Once you have registered with us and signed the necessary NDAs, subject to the seller’s discretion, we will supply you with the business’ most recent 3 years of accounts.

  • Will I retain all the business’ contracts?

    Unless otherwise stipulated within the sale description, the sale of the business will be inclusive of all its contracts.

  • Will I retain all the business’ staff?

    Unless the sale description stipulates an asset-only sale, the sale of the business will be inclusive of all its staff. Many sellers opt for a confidential sale to provide you with a high level of staff retention at the point of transaction.

  • I would like to make an offer, how does the offer process work?

    Our purchase process protects the interests of the buyer as well as seller. The offer will be put forward by the negotiator on your behalf allowing you to feel 100% comfortable with your acquisition prior to the purchase. The most obvious contingencies to your offer will be:

    • Inspection of financial records to your complete satisfaction.
    • Obtaining financing at a term and rate that is satisfactory to you.
    • Obtaining a lease that is satisfactory (if it’s a leasehold business)
    • Inspection of all the assets of the business to be acquired.
    • Obtaining all licenses and permits required to operate the business.
    • Discussions with key personnel to ensure that they will stay with you.
  • Can I talk with the owner(s) of the business prior to making an offer?

    We encourage a lively dialog between the business owner and the buyer. As confidentiality is vital to us, we require that any discussions with owners or management be done with our coordination. This process is critical to understanding the business in depth, but must be handled with delicacy.


  • How long will it take to sell my business?

    This time will vary greatly depending on the business. There are multiple factors to consider; how readily available you are to conduct viewings of your business, whether you have the right sort of solicitor, and how long the Due Diligence process will take. We advise sellers on every step they can take to speed up the process.

  • How important is confidentiality?

    Confidentiality is vital to maintain the level of staff and client retention throughout the sales process, with most of our clients opting for a confidential sale.

  • How would you appraise my business?

    One of our experienced associate directors will pay you and your business a polite visit and conduct a business appraisal. It is in this appraisal where the fundamental details of the sale will be agreed, such as the tenure. During this appraisal, the associate director will conduct a market appraisal for your business, and a guide price will be set. This appraisal will be based on both the details of the business, and the current market climate corporate businesses.

  • What will be involved in the due diligence process?

    The purchaser will need to carry out legal and financial compliance.

  • What documentation would a potential buyer want to see?

    A potential buyer will more than likely want to view your past 3 years of full trading accounts and a comprehensive asset list, in addition to copies of any relevant insurance certificates and licences.

  • Do I need to provide a handover period?

    Depending on how specialist your corporate business is, it may be appropriate to provide a handover period.

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