With over 30 years’ experience, Kings Professional are the foremost brokerage for those in the recruitment industry seeking to ensure their sale gets across the line. We have a proven track record of successfully adapting our marketing strategies to align with the everchanging recruitment industry, providing our clients with bountiful returns within a concise timeframe.


As a result of our enviable reputation within the Business Brokerage market, Kings Professional have on offer a selection of highly lucrative opportunities perfect for pre-existing market operators looking to exact their acquisition strategies, or for ambitious first-time buyers looking to obtain a head start in the industry. Once registered with us, you will receive regular communications containing a selection of businesses that match your search requirements. Our experienced team of negotiators are experts in the sector and are always on hand to provide you with advice throughout the buying process.

  • 1. Registration and Requirement

    Once your decision to pursue a recruitment agency has been made, we will ask you to register with us. When the registration process has been completed, one of our experienced negotiators will be assigned to you in order to establish all of your business requirements, such as necessary funding, search criteria and size of agency. In addition, they will gauge your knowledge and experience within the sector. This will enable the negotiator to understand you as a person and your future business goals.

  • 2. Verifying Documents

    To ensure that you are verified for when the times comes for you to make an offer, your dedicated negotiator will liaise with you to acquire all the essential documentation necessary. In most cases, the seller will give priority to buyers with funding already in place to avoid the oftentimes lengthy process of applying for finance. Furthermore, at this stage your negotiator will open discussions relating to your acquisition options and timescales.

  • 3. Finding your Acquisition

    Once you have been registered and verified, your negotiator will filter through our database of currently available recruitment agencies, shortlisting a collection of opportunities that match your search criteria for you to review. In the meantime, if any further businesses brought onto the market match your search criteria, we will communicate these to you via email.

  • 4. Value of the Agency

    When buying a recruitment agency, it is important to understand the factors that will have the greatest impact on its value. These factors may include growth potential, location, market sector and, most importantly, profitability. It is common market practice for the value of a recruitment agency to be estimated by applying a multiple to its annual EBITDA figure.

  • 5. Negotiating Offer

    Once you have identified and reviewed a promising recruitment agency and would like to advance with an offer, Kings Professional will act as the intermediary between yourself and the seller; we will manage all communication between the two parties throughout the entire process.

  • 6. Completion

    Once the seller has accepted your offer the due diligence process will be commenced. Throughout this stage your negotiator will be available to offer advice on documents to prepare for due diligence, in addition to recommending a solicitor with specialities in the purchase and sale of recruitment agencies.

  • 7. Communication

    Many of our sellers are deeply concerned about the confidentiality of their sale, and as such will be reluctant to accept direct contact from any potential buyers. A breach of this confidentiality could have a negative impact on the level of staff and client retention at the point of transaction, therefore we have in place robust processes to minimise the risk of an unsolicited public announcement. During the entire process, we will act as the intermediary between yourself and the seller. We are more than happy to answer any questions from yourself will and communicate these to the seller.

  • 8. Completion

    Once the transaction has been completed, we will request you to provide us with your feedback and suggestions. Your negotiator, who you will have established a strong business relationship with by the end of the process, will be keen to hear any of your feedback.


With a proven track record spanning the past 30 years of facilitating confidential business sales, Kings Professional represents an ideal opportunity for recruitment agency owners looking to achieve a market leading return on their business. Through a thoughtfully crafted bespoke marketing campaign, we can navigate your business through the sales process and achieve a succinct completion of sale. With credit to our extensive and ongoing market analysis, we are able to ensure your business attracts the attention of both pre-existing market operators looking to expand, as well as aspiring individuals looking for a head start as they enter the industry.

  • 1. Appraisal of your Agency

    Before we bring your recruitment agency onto the market, we would first like to obtain an understanding of both your business and what you wish to achieve from the sale of your agency. Therefore, one of our experienced associate directors will first conduct a market appraisal of your agency to provide you with an achievable market value. In addition, we will advise a realistic timeframe in which we believe the sale of the agency will have completed, allowing you to form plans for once the business has sold.

  • 2. Welcome Pack

    When the decision to sell your recruitment agency has been reached, we will open communications with yourself to ensure you are well-versed in the upcoming processes. Time is the number one reason why a deal may fail to complete, so at Kings Professional it is our role as an intermediary between yourself and any prospective buyer to make sure that both parties are aware of their obligations at every stage of the sale, ensuring the process completes in a concise timeframe.

  • 3. Preparing for Sale

    Prospective buyers of your recruitment agency will want a comprehensive overview of your business before they will contemplate advancing with an offer. Areas which is likely to pertain to include growth potential, location, market sector and, most importantly, profitability. Therefore, your negotiator will request from you in due course a list of all the necessary documentation to prepare before the sales process commences.

  • 4. Confidentiality

    We understand that many recruitment agency owners will wish to keep the sale of their business confidential, with any public announcement posing a potentially detrimental effect on staff and client retention. Accordingly, Kings Professional has been successfully facilitating the highly confidential sale of businesses for over 30 years, providing you with peace of mind that the sale of your agency can complete without the risk of a confidentiality breach.

  • 5. Marketing your Business

    To ensure we promptly find the perfect buyer for your recruitment agency, our in-house marketing team will create a selection of bespoke marketing materials to effectively and confidentially get your business seen by a wide variety of prospective buyers. Through engaging in a variety of marketing channels, we can garner interest from both pre-existing market operators looking to exact their acquisition strategies, as well as ambitious individuals seeking a strong entrance into the industry.

  • 6. Match your Criteria for Selling

    To ensure that the process of finding a perfect buyer for your agency is an undemanding experience, we undergo a comprehensive verification process of all prospective buyers interested in your business. Whereby, we will gauge how experienced they are in the sector, in addition to what level of funding they have readily available.

  • 7. Vetting & Negotiating all the Offers

    To unburden you of the aggravation caused by reviewing unavailing offers, we will ensure that any offers put forward to yourself will have been reviewed by ourselves. If you are not satisfied with an offer and would like for it to be revised, as the acting intermediary we will commence negotiations with the buyer on your behalf to achieve a better deal.

  • 8. Completion

    Once you are happy with an offer placed on your recruitment agency, we will guide through the due diligence process until the sale has reached completion. Throughout this stage, your dedicated negotiator will be on hand to provide you with any advice you require, as well as recommend a solicitor who specialises in the acquisition and disposal of recruitment agencies.

  • 9. Communication

    We aim to communicate realistic deal timescales and act on your behalf to work towards a timely and successful completion. We will frequently contact all parties to make sure that your business sale is on track for completion, and that deal timescales are adhered to. It is in your interests to work closely with us on this.

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  • What sort of insurance do I need?

    If your recruitment agency will be placing contractors, to ensure liability can be passed down you must possess matching insurance to your contractors. This will include professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance and cyber & data risks insurance.

  • What sort of licences do I need?

    Most recruitment agencies will not require any licenses, however if your agency supplies employees to a selection of specialist industries then a license will need to be attained. Supplying labour to the following industries will require a GLAA licence: food processing & packaging, agriculture, horticulture, and shellfish gathering. Further, if you supply registered nurses then it may be necessary to register with the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority.

  • How long does it take to buy a business?

    This time will vary greatly depending on the business. There are multiple factors to consider; whether your offer will be accepted, whether you have the right sort of solicitor, and how long the Due Diligence process will take. We advise purchasers on every single step they can take to speed up the process.

  • Will there be a handover period?

    Some vendors may stipulate an ‘earn out’ period as a part of their stability measures during the transition of ownership, this can be enacted for upwards of 12 months and is ultimately up to the vendors discretion.

  • What regulation must I comply with when purchasing a recruitment agency?

    You must ensure you comply with the legislation set out in the Agency Workers Regulations 2010.


  • How important is confidentiality?

    Confidentiality is vital to maintain the level of staff and client retention throughout the sales process, with the majority of our clients opting for a confidential sale. 

  • What will be involved in the due diligence process for my recruitment agency?

    The purchaser will need to carry out legal and financial compliance.

  • What documentation would a potential buyer want to see?

    A potential buyer will more than likely want to view your past 3 years of full trading accounts and a comprehensive asset list, in addition to copies of any relevant insurance certificates and licences.

  • Do I need to provide a handover period?

    Depending on how specialist your recruitment agency is, it may be appropriate to provide a handover period.

  • Is my recruitment agency large enough to be placed on the market?

    Following our extensive market analysis, we have determined that active buyers within the market are looking for practices with an annual turnover of at least £250,000 per annum and at least 2 partners or directors.


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